The McGaw Diversity Council is dedicated to enhancing the overall diversity of the housestaff at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University.


Strength in Diversity

A diverse faculty, workforce, and trainees are essential to the long-term success of an academic medical center that treats as many different patient populations as exist in the city of Chicago. Northwestern embraces all types of diversity as strengths and strives to create a medical campus environment of belonging and inclusion for all. To this end, there are a number of awareness, educational, and social programs offered to employees and trainees.

In 2008, monthly forums were introduced to advance women’s health research at Northwestern and to increase awareness among health professionals, researchers, and consumers that sex and gender matter in health and disease. The Women's Health Research Institute offers monthly presentations, called Women's Health Research Forums, that provide a platform for leading professionals to present their evidence-based research focusing on basic science, clinical applications, or social implications of sexual dimorphisms.

The Chicago campus is also home to the Northwestern Chicago OUT Network, a campus- and affiliate-wide networking group for LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, ally) faculty, staff, students, residents, and fellows. Quarterly events draw participants from the medical and graduate schools, and affiliated hospitals and clinics, and ensure that the campus is welcoming and inclusive. The Feinberg School of Medicine also offers Safe Space Training for faculty, staff, students, and housestaff to better educate them about LGBTQA sensitivities and issues, especially in the health care arena.

Realizing that language can have a huge impact on health care, Northwestern offers evening classes in Medical Spanish to medical student, resident, and fellowship trainees at a discounted rate. For fluent speakers, case discussion and physical exam skills courses are offered annually. The program partners with the Northwestern Memorial Academy to offer classes across all graduate disciplines and hospital staff areas.

In addition, many Northwestern clinical departments have created their own diversity initiatives and committees so faculty and trainees can get involved in recruitment initiatives, community partnerships, and campus collaborations at a grassroots level.

Rob Christopher Diversity Council Mtg Resize 12.18.2015
FSM Diversity and Inclusion Council Meeting, December 2015