Non-Standard Programs: Non-Accredited McGaw Fellowship (NAMF) and Advanced Specialty Training Program (ASTP)

The NAMF/ASTP committee has been appointed by the GME Committee with the task of monitoring and approving all NAMF and ASTP programs. 

The committee meets quarterly to review any requests for program changes as well as review and reapprove existing McGaw NAMF programs. The committee also meets annually in January to approve any new programs for the upcoming academic year. The deadline for the submission of applications for any new NAMF/ASTP programs is January 1 for approval by the committee for the upcoming academic year.


The NAMF fellow has a fellowship appointment with McGaw and their position comes with the rights and responsibilities of McGaw housestaff.

ASTP fellows’ benefits, salary, hours, certification is reliant on the originating program department. They are on faculty as an Instructor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. 

New Program

To start a new non-standard program, the following need to be submitted to Nancy Parlapiano at the GME office (240 E. Huron St., Suite 1-200, Chicago, Illinois 60611) by January 1 for the upcoming academic year:

Re-approval of Program

All fellowships have been categorized as either NAMF or ASTP must institute a system of ongoing re-approval. This is designed to be as minimally burdensome as possible while still maintaining the highest goals of educational quality.  The GME office will begin notify individual programs about re-approval. Programs will have six weeks to provide the requested information for subcommittee review, including the Re-approval of a Current NAMF Program Application. All of the subcommittee’s decisions will be taken to the GMEC for final action.

Policy and Procedures

Find the Policy on In-Active Non-Accredited McGaw Fellowships in the Policy and Procedures section of the site.