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Graduate Medical Education

240 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 503-7975
Fax:      (312) 503-5230

About GME
The Graduate Medical Education office (GME) is the administrative link to Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and the four hospitals that make up the consortium known as the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University. This consortium includes Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and Veterans Affairs Chicago Health Care System. The office of Graduate Medical Education provides administrative support to over 1100 residents and fellows who are enrolled in over 200 accredited and non accredited programs in McGaw.

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Joshua L. Goldstein, M.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Designated Institutional Official
(312) 503-7975,

Nancy Parlapiano, Director of Graduate Medical Education
(312) 503-4536,

James W. Schroeder, Jr., M.D., Director of Fellowship Accreditation and Review
(312) 227-6814,

Ashley N. Bassett, M.D., Housestaff Wellness Program Liaison
(312) 834-3814

Benefits & Payroll
(888) 449-0016, 

GME Staff and Descriptions
Martha Collier is our Fellowship Coordinator and is responsible for all aspects of the fellowship programs including initial appointment, reappointment, and funding.
(312) 503-7947,

Angie Delk is the Assistant to Dr. Goldstein.  She coordinates his calendar, supports other GME projects/initiatives as warranted, and provides information regarding any general GME inquiries.  
(312) 503-0254,

Caroline Haldin is our Licensing and Visa Coordinator for McGaw. She is responsible for all aspects of licensing of residents/fellows for training and will also assist trainees with their visas.
(312) 503-4748,

Mel Handy is the Residency Coordinator and acts as the liaison between GME and the training programs. She handles appointment authorizations, rotation schedules, terminations, Northwestern Net IDs, and email accounts.
(312) 503-4756,

Jennifer Lee is our Institutional New Innovations Coordinator.  As such, she manages all of McGaw's New Innovations-related issues.  
(312) 503-0887, 

Valerie Rodriguez is the Institutional ACGME Coordinator.  She oversees all of McGaw's ACGME-related matters.
(312) 503-0339,

Brenda Vera is our Program Assistant. She processes all certificate requests, loan deferments, and verifications of training.
(312) 503-7975,