Lactation Room

McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University strives to provide a family-friendly environment for our residents and fellows. Nursing mothers have access to following dedicated lactation rooms on the Chicago campus:

Feinberg Pavilion

2nd floor, Rooms 2-316A and 2-316B (entry through the women's restroom)

Galter Pavilion

5th floor, Room 5-122 (right off the public elevators, through Same Day Surgery doors, to the left)

Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

12th Floor East - Mothers Room A & B 

Prentice Women's Hospital

  • 1st floor, Room 01-2322 (by southwest public entrance)
  • 2nd floor, Room 02-2308 (by the escalators)
  • 8th floor, Room 08-2814 (by Labor & Delivery in the staff area)

Anne & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

  • 12th floor, Rooms 12-200D-F, J, K (staff elevator, #12-200, to the R, L at hall)
  • 14th floor, Room 14-105 (tower elev, L out of elevator bank, down hall on R)
  • 15th floor, Room 15-143 (staff elev, R out of bank, L at 1st hall, L)
  • 15th floor, Room 15-382 (staff elev, L out of bank, L at 1st hall, double doors)
  • 19th floor, Room 19-375 (staff elev, L out of bank, R at 1st hall, L at next hall)
  • 20th floor, Room 20-370 (staff elev, L out of bank, R at 2nd hall)
  • 21st floor, Room 21-364 (staff elev, L out of bank, R at 2nd hall)

259 E. Erie Building

2nd floor, Room 02-242 (in the hallway next to Walgreens)

541 N. Fairbanks Court

  • 9th floor, Room 995
  • 17th floor, Room 1743

Bernice E. Lavin Early Childhood Education Center

1st floor (inside the childcare center)